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Personal Illustrations


In 2020, I started my passion project of illustrating places I love. The best part is that it mixes my love for design with my love for photography. Many of the places I draw are inspired by photos I've taken myself.


I started a series of more photorealistic illustrations of places I've visited that literally amazed me with how beautiful they are. Each of these places inspired me to create digital artwork, much like the travel posters people hang in homes and businesses. 


Photo I Took in Morro Bay, California


Photo I Took in Oceanside, California

Morro Bay - TV.png

Digitally Drawn Illustration 

Oceanside Sunset - TV.png

Digitally Drawn Illustration 


Painting I Did in High School based off a Huntington Beach Photo for a School Project


Digitally Drawn Illustration 


Photo My Parents Took in Silverton, Colorado

Colorado Train Illustration - TV.png

Digitally Drawn Illustration I Made for Them For Christmas

RMNP - Day 2-64.jpg

Photo I Took in Rocky Mountain National Park on the Dream Lake Hike

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.45.27 PM.png

Digitally Drawn Illustration

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.25.58 PM.png

Digitally Drawn Illustration of Big Sur's McWay Falls (based off of seeing it in person and referencing photos on the internet)


Digitally Drawn Illustration of Big Sur's Bixby Bridge (based off of seeing it in person and referencing photos on the internet)

Colorado Inspired Designs

People from all over the world visit Estes Park. They had shops lining the streets with merchandise like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, pins, etc. The merchandise inspired me to create logos and designs for collateral geared toward the tourists that visit Estes Park and Colorado year round. My designs encompass elements I saw and appreciated on these clothing items, as well as ideas that I had while trying to find my favorites to bring home. Some are sketches, some have a more retro feel, some are inspired by places I visited on our trip, and others I just thought would look awesome on a shirt or as a sticker. 

Colorado Designs
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