Past Jobs and Internships

Business Start-up Guide

As a design and marketing intern, one of my large scale projects was formatting, editing, and designing a Business Start-up Guide for the Economic Development Director to hand out to potential business owners in town. All the information was given to me in Microsoft Word and various PDF's of data over the years.


I took the information and utilized Adobe InDesign to create varying paragraph styles for the whole document. I then was able to add photos, design layouts, and create a style guide for future documents. All of the charts, data tables, graphics, and icons were also designed and created by me, using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Paso Robles Chamber
of Commerce

Economic Profile

The second book I worked on was the Paso Robles Economic Profile, created to give statistics on the city's quality of life, population, housing, etc. This document was the most important document I worked on for the Chamber because it showcased all the work and research my boss had done. Much like the Business Start-up Guide, I used Adobe InDesign for the formatting and Illustrator for the creation of graphics, icons,charts, and tables.

The document was showcased at the Chamber's annual Business Leader Summit, having been given to all of the top leaders in the community. I also was given the opportunity to print and bind them with my team at University Graphic Systems. The Chamber and I were very proud of the whole document. 

Paso Robles Chamber
of Commerce

Business Walk Mailer

One of my last design projects for the Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce was to create a mailer type postcard for the annual Business Walk. The Business Walk gathered data from the town's businesses that was crucial to the economic development department of the Chamber. My boss really appreciated options when it came to first rounds of design, so I was able to create six options to work from. It was unanimous that the people in the office liked the hexagonal flyer version. I created several versions, and we were able to create the final version (first photo), along with the results sheet (second photo), and website photo (third photo). The final version included the famous Acorn Building that was very significant in Paso Robles.

Paso Robles Chamber
of Commerce

Economic Development Branding

After being inspired by the style and graphics from the Business Walk mailer, in my last two weeks, my boss asked if I would create branding for the whole Economic Development Department.


The first project was a square foldable, that included all of the necessary information about economic development: what it was, what the goals in Paso Robles were, the contact information, and the resources.


The CEO allowed us the side window of the Visitors Center, that citizens could see from the sidewalk easily, to put a large window decal. The window decal can be seen in the second photo.


For the quarterly report, I created an infographic and informational sheet that could be displayed as a summary in the beginning of the binders handed to all of the City employees and Board Members. Some of the information was purposely taken out in the third photo because of the confidential nature of the document.

The last project I finished before leaving was a business inquiry card, that could be handed to any community member or business owner regarding resources from the Chamber. 

Paso Robles Chamber
of Commerce

Brew Paso Map and Flyer

One of my biggest projects was creating a map and flyer for the Chamber's Brew Paso initiative. The design utilizes color coding, icons, and contrast to increase wayfinding for tourists and locals alike. It displays the different craft beverage companies in the community.


The flyer was made to be 4x10 so that all of the different breweries, cideries, distilleries, and coffee roasters could display them at the front of their facilities. This would promote community camaraderie and help perspective brewers understand how easy it was to start a craft beverage company in Paso Robles, California.

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce

Social Media Project

UVé Pro Inc. Second Interview

During the interview process for UVé Pro Inc, a skincare and health start-up company, I was given an exercise to showcase my design and social media skills. For this project, I was tasked with identifying key words that UVé Pro could potentially convey in the future, as well as putting together a mood board and sample Instagram post that relates to those keywords. As a designer, I felt it was more productive to start with the mood board in order to create a style that would be unique to the brand, but also close enough to other skin care and health companies to be related and make customers comfortable enough to purchase. I chose to showcase color on both light and dark backgrounds to show versatility and contrast, and drew elements from UVé Pro’s website that I felt should be highlighted, like the gradients and simple, sans serif typeface. 


Moving into the sample Instagram post, I pulled elements from the logo—like the circular curves of the ‘u’ and the ‘e’— and the gradients and type like mentioned previously. I also felt it was important to showcase what the potential Instagram timeline/feed could look like. The piece helps to tell the story and style of the direction I went, and I believe it is important to show a whole picture in addition to the single post.


Lastly, I focused on the key words. I wanted to showcase words that I believed could be synonymous with not only the brand, but also the products themselves. I added small descriptions of why each word could help represent the brand and products, and explained them in greater detail for the company in my second interview. Although I did not get the position, I think this is a fantastic representation of my skillset and design personality. I also was able to create all of these pieces in just two days, and I’m extremely proud of my work and initiative to go above and beyond what was asked of me.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 2.54.19 PM.png

Social Media Audition Post

Raising The Bar

In my audition for the company Raising The Bar—a professional consulting, training, and coaching company—I was asked to create a sample Instagram post using the website and current Instagram for inspiration and copy. I was able to create this graphic and sent a detailed reasoning to the employer of why I thought it would be effective (written below):

As I was scrolling and exploring the RTB website, these four words really caught my eye (mentor, inspire, motivate, propel). I was inspired to create a graphic that would attract the college audience we are targeting; however, it also engages everyone—those who have jobs, those who have used RTB, those who are potential leads, etc.—through asking for advice, stories, and uplifting comments. Recently, I have seen many posts with a similar style being shared across platforms for many current social issues. I thought it was important, in this weird time, to spread some positivity and encourage people to share their experiences. I was sure to stick with the color theme, while also bringing in some fun with the hand drawn text. There are two choices in color because I believe the red and blue combination stands out, but the blue and turquoise fits with the consistency of the recent posts.


I remember you saying you had desired more engagement for your Instagram posts. To help with this, I felt it necessary to add hashtags in order to attract those with the desire for help in their job hunt (#jobsearch), as well as highlighting those key words in the graphic. 


I understand this graphic is a slightly different style than what is currently being posted. With the above mentioned, I believe it caters to the college demographic by demanding attention on an Instagram feed, where visuals are dominant.


Although I had to turn down this position, I am more than happy with how this graphic turned out. I also believe my response and explanation was well written and look forward to finding a job that allows me to utilize those skills.


Valentine's Campaign 

University Graphic Systems

During the month of February, the Marketing Managers and I, the Sales Manager created a Valentine's Campaign to encourage students and others on campus to place orders and come in and visit UGS. For the whole month of February people were able to bring in a friend or 'Valentine' to UGS and receive a 14% discount on both orders, if they brought in the coupons. I created the poster to try and grab the attention of those who walked the halls of campus, where we had put them up all across campus. The flyer included colors like pink and red to keep with the theme, as well as our brand colors sycamore, poly canyon yellow, and gray.


One of the Marketing Managers and I both went to the highest traffic student area and set up a booth with free candy, a spinning wheel with prizes and collateral to showcase UGS and its services. We handed out coupons to the students who passed by and spoke to everyone about the promotion in hopes they would utilize the coupons. Unfortunately, our main press broke down shortly after we had gone out and talked to students, so the campaign was not as successful as we would've liked; however, it was a great learning experience and I believe if the circumstances were different more people would have come in.

Valentine's Day Campaign for University Graphic Systems 2020

Mug Painting Workshop

During the middle of the Winter Quarter, I had heard from our Specialty Manager that one of our clients had unfortunately given us a misspelled file and we had to redo a mug order and we might have to throw away the extras. I had a spur of the moment idea to create an event with the incorrect mugs, by painting over them. The design for the flyer started with shapes emulating paint strokes or paint pouring; however, I went toward more of a design that looked like the mugs we were going to paint. Much like the Valentine's flyer, I utilized our colors sycamore and poly canyon yellow.


After doing research, the process and supplies would be quite inexpensive and we would earn over a 70% profit per mug if we charged $5 for each mug. The paint, paint brushes, and mug were provided and students could come in and take a break from the busy midterm season to paint and destress. Overall, the event was a huge success and I wish we had had time to promote it earlier because many students loved the idea and would've loved to have had time to tell their friends. Both the Specialty Manager and I had plans to do another workshop this Spring Quarter; however, with COVID-19 we are passing off the idea to the next team!

University Graphic Systems

University Graphic Systems

Info Card

When I first became Sales Manager at UGS, I remember asking the previous manager what they gave out to potential clients after she met with them. I was a little embarrassed of what she pulled up on her screen to print, before our first round of in person cold calls. I knew that it had to be a goal of mine to create something more informational and more graphic than what we had.


My interns and I worked Winter Quarter to create ideas for the design direction. The final version was something I put together, utilizing elements from both of their ideas and some of my own. We ended up with a double-sided, 8x6 informational card. We frequently  get questions about who we are, where we are, and what we do, so our card focuses on those areas as well as, our new mantra "Print. Create. Innovate." and how they can order from us. It is safe to say, I am much more inclined to hand this out to potential clients than the last flyer.

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.38.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.37.29 PM.png

Social Media Posts and Planning

Although my time with Bubble & Hatch was short, I was able to provide them a lot of groundwork to start revamping their social media accounts. The last photo shows the original posts that B&H started with and wanted to transform. I started by creating a style guide of the direction they wanted to go, that included their main clients, hashtags, colors, fonts used on their website, and questions I had for them (first photo). I also wanted to be sure to document all of the information I knew about the company and my position as an their Social Media Intern, especially because I was their first intern (second photo). I also documented my initial ideas for posts and what we were hoping to gain more of, client-wise.


As my internship continued, I created many post ideas, using stock photos that matched the aesthetic the company was going for in place of photos we hoped to take in the future. An emerging trend I wanted to capitalize on was definitely overlaying graphic elements over photos. This adds a fun and unique touch, to stock photos especially. 

Bubble & Hatch Marketing

Paso Robles Stickers

A fun project I was tasked with at the Chamber was creating Paso Robles stickers for the Visitor's Center. Many visitors want to purchase small items like stickers, magnets, keychains, and postcards,so our mission was to create simple designs that visitors would want to purchase—seems simple enough. 


Knowing Paso has many wineries, I wanted to stay away from stealing business from those Chamber members so I geared my designs toward oak trees and acorns, huge staples in the Paso Robles community. The historic Acorn Building in Paso Robles, was a big inspiration to the acorns in my designs.

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce