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All proposals are confidential and cannot be displayed

I've really grown to love the proposal process as it melds my passion for organization and strategy with my passion for graphics and visuals. It's the greatest feeling in the world to win a contract. It proves that your hard work really made a difference, and your client really appreciated everything you provided. It really feels like you're providing value and it's crazy to say that I've contributed to the company winning over $2 billion worth of work. As a Senior Marketing Coordinator, I consistently serve as the Hensel Phelps Marketing Lead on RFQ/RFP pursuits, as well as the interview process the team participates in during the pursuit as a whole. If you are not familiar with the pursuit/proposal process, I have written a blog post all about my experience and the general processes we go through to reach the final product at all stages!


In my role, we often take the full lead on the RFQ/RFP process, meaning I will lead meetings, develop a responsibility matrix utilizing the owner documents and assign responsibilities to the project team. I will also create a fully-fledged template for the team and lead the team in collecting all of the data necessary to complete the document. I will also provide support and feedback in any one-on-one sessions and interview prep, including template, design, layout, etc. for any PowerPoints. 


With Hensel Phelps, I've had the opportunity to hear some really great feedback on the proposals I've lead from prestigious owners such as Chaffey College, Cal State Long Beach, Providence Health and Services, the California Department of General Services (DGS), all raving about the visuals, layouts, graphics, theming and even extras like a video we supplied.

Here are a couple pictures that show sample proposal layouts, utilizing Lorem Ipsum text.

  • Photo 1: An example layout design of an approach page

  • Photo 2: An example of a more standard layout (and fun fact, that is a photo I took of one of our jobsites!)

  • Photo 3: An example of a table of contents page

  • Photo 4: An example of a "Tab" design

Although I can’t show my work because of confidentiality, in my Cardinal Financial work I created a Homebuying Guide that displays a large document created in Indesign. In my past work for the Paso Chamber of Commerce, I also have two large documents there, one being the Business Start-Up Guide and the other the Economic Profile, that similarly showcase large documents created in Indesign.

Halloween Golf Tournament Collateral/Illustrations

Every year, Hensel Phelps hosts a charity golf tournament that supports local hospitals. If anyone knows me they know my favorite holiday is and will always be Halloween. This project got my creative juices flowing. I was tasked with a whole creative overhaul of the Halloween Charity Golf Fundraiser in 2022. This included several pieces of collateral including flyers, banners, signage, social media, and of course, a logo!

It had been a while since the graphics were refreshed for this and after just having finished a won a $500 million dollar proposal I was ready to get creative. Prior to being given this project, I bought an iPad, after looking at them longingly for years, and I honestly don't think I could have done this without it. This was one of those projects where I knew what I wanted to do immediately. Cheesy as it is one of my favorite movies is The Karate Kid and I've always loved the idea of dressing as a skeleton to mimic the Cobra Kai team. I thought it would be kind of hilarious to make it look like the skeletons were playing golf and had dressed up for the tournament, much like the costume contest that is incorporated in the charity golf tournament. This lead to the collateral below and many more banners and other collateral that I'm not able to show due to confidentiality.

Halloween Charity Golf Fundraiser Logo

This logo is one of my absolute favorites, and I was so excited to see it used. It features my main skeleton in the clown costume in a badge-type logo. This is used annually on the email communications, flyers, banners, and on the merch given to the golfers.

Summer Events Series Branding

In April 2022, my first project at Hensel Phelps was to create a logo for the Hensel Phelps Summer Olympics. I remember wanting to really impress my team so I put a ton of work into creating several options that were fun and different than any of the examples I had seen in our archived files. Thankfully, my team was enamored with the options and the rest was history!


There are three events in our summer events series: the Summer Olympics, SoCal Surf Day, and the SoCal Golf Classic, which are all annual events that our new hires and interns for that year attend. They are super fun events geared toward fun and ultimately look to help employee retention. Over the last few years, I've been the point person for creating the graphics for the summer events which includes logos and graphics for digital internal campaigns, printed collateral, and merch such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc. I'm happy to say that we now have a great set of graphics that will last for years to come, and I've heard amazing things from our newest employees about how much they love the designs!

Hensel Phelps
Summer Olympics Logo

The first logo is the logo they chose to go with. They loved the simplicity and color palette and thought it looked reminiscent of retro Southern California graphics they had seen. I personally love how it came out on the hats and it's so cool to see the classes of new hires and interns come to the event wearing them during the event!

Although they chose the first logo, I love highlighting the other two options that were sent as well. I thought for sure they would go with the truck logo, as that was the marketing team's fan favorite. 

Hensel Phelps
SoCal Golf Classic Logo

The SoCal Golf Classic logo has been the latest addition to the series. It is the final summer event and features a shotgun start golf tournament where new hires and interns get put in a foursome with one of the senior leaders in the region. It's a morning of fun and it's usually held on a beautiful local Orange County golf course, making for some great views. I did my best to capture these views in the design they liked most.

The goal was to come up with two different designs: one for the hats and one for the polos and golf flags at every hole. They ended up wanting something extremely simple for the hats and chose these army green hats with a tan back, which inspired the color palette. They wanted the main logo to also match these tones, with the goal that we'd switch up the colors yearly. 

The last slide shows the additional options I sent to them that could have been chosen.