Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.


-Dr. Seuss


Colorado Photos

During my trip, I was ecstatic to visit some insanely beautiful sights. We stayed in Estes Park, but spent most of our trip exploring, hiking, and sight-seeing. In addition to the plethora of amazing landscapes—which I was of course dying to photograph—we were able to capture glimpses of many of the animals that live in the mountains. I had a great time visiting Estes Park for the second time and getting to experience everything it has to offer. I am so grateful that COVID-19 hadn't hindered our ability to take this trip, and of course acknowledge the privilege of being able to travel and stay in good health.


Colorado Designs

People from all over the world visit Estes Park. They had shops lining the streets with merchandise like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, pins, etc. The merchandise inspired me to create logos and designs for collateral geared toward the tourists that visit Estes Park and Colorado year round. My designs encompass elements I saw and appreciated on these clothing items, as well as ideas that I had while trying to find my favorites to bring home. Some are sketches, some have a more retro feel, some are inspired by places I visited on our trip, and others I just thought would look awesome on a shirt or as a sticker. 


Colorado Video