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Taryn Veldusea


Adobe Illustrator   Adobe InDesign 
Adobe Photoshop   Adobe Lightroom

Web Design   Brand Identity Services

Email Design   Logo Design  
Photography   Graphic Design  
   Social Media   Advertising
Copywriting   And More!

Design, Marketing,
and Photography.

Hi, I'm Taryn Veldusea! I am a Senior Marketing Coordinator for Hensel Phelps. I am very passionate about marketing and design. I have been drawing, sketching, and illustrating for as long as I can remember. I found my niche in digital marketing because it combines my love for communication and creativity. When I'm not designing, I'm often outside exploring California's beautiful coast and taking landscape photos any chance I get. I'm also a huge sports fan, growing up watching my favorites: the Los Angeles Angels (although, to me, they will always be the Anaheim Angels) and the Denver Broncos. 


Blog Posts

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