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Personal Graphics


Starting in 2020 when the job search was be stressful I started my passion project of illustrating places I love. The best part is it mixes my love for design with my love for photography. Many of the places I draw come from inspiration from photos I've taken myself.


I started a series of more photorealistic illustrations of places I've visited that literally amazed me with how beautiful they are. Each of these places inspired me to create digital artwork, much like the travel posters people hang in their homes and businesses. 


If you have a person, place, or thing that you absolutely love and would like me to design it for you, let me know! I'm always looking for suggestions and am free to create any commissioned pieces.

Playing with Styles, Type, and Overprint

In the free time I have with COVID-19, I have been designing and experimenting with design a lot more. Things like mixing and warping typefaces, playing with the overprint function, sketching, and creating designs for friends and family!


My sticker design collection started fun and sellable stickers were needed at the front desk of University Graphic Systems, the print shop I worked at. Primarily selling to students, all designs are geared toward the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community. We printed the stickers in house for Cal Poly students to put on laptops, water bottles, phone cases, and more.


My absolute favorite is the 'Keep Moving Forward' sticker, inspired by the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons, because of the sheer amount of work I put into every aspect. 


My most recent sketch was done for some friends of mine. They were hoping I could illustrate an outlined version of them sitting on their Toyota 4Runner for their roadtrip in the near future. With a compilation of photos they took on other trips, I was able to create a meaningful logo to embody their new adventure. I always love creating art for my friends and family, and they absolutely loved seeing the finished project!


The other sketches stemmed from class projects, like our assignment to create a formatted technical paper. The style is designed to emulate a formal sketch using a paper and pen. The varying widths create depth, since there are few colors that make up the pieces.