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Logo Design

Balanced Body Nutrition Co

The Balanced Body Nutrition Co Project was definitely one of my favorite brand design projects I've been able to work on. After a long consultation with my client, I was able to jump in head first to designing multiple logos that would fit her goal look. I was able to create 20+ logos and narrow it down to 6 that I thought she would really love.

She was interested in a neutral color palette that complimented wellness, peace, and health but was unsure what colors she actually wanted. In my mock-ups I made sure she could view the whole picture by showing her color palettes along with the logos. Once the logo and colors were decided, we then looked to creating a simple and functional website for her clients. She had asked for a minimalistic site with an emphasis on her and her services, not so much flash and filler photos. Her and I collaborated on content and were able to come up with something she absolutely loved. 

The last step in the process was creating her brochure that she would take to local offices and leave for potential clients. She wanted something that would stand out and be appealing for people to pick up and read. We settled on using a nice mix of photos and white space. You can view some of my work to the right!

M7/Merritt 7

The Merritt 7 project was a logo rebranding for a truck transport and logistics company. The word 'Merritt' is purposely spelled like this because it is named after the street where the business is located; it also works as its double meaning 'merit' meaning good or worthy. The number 7 also comes from the location, and we decided that would be perfect to build from, especially with both 'M' and '7' being very angular and sharp. The color scheme given was a patriotic red, white, and navy blue.

The original concept showcased a layering of the two elements. As the process continued, I was able to create four different logo concepts for them to choose from and unanimously they chose the circular design. From there I was able to execute iterations of that specific design, taking different comments into consideration from the clients. Unfortunately, the clients were unable to agree on the concept and the logo was not able to be completed; however, this project was definitely a learning experience and I was proud of the concepts I was able to create and wished them luck in their rebrand.

Venatori Logistics

The Venatori logo was created for my dad's logistics company. I was given a lot of creative control on this project. His only requirements were it must include a dragon and the Venatori typeface must be sans serif and sharp or geometric. There were quite a few logo iterations (below) to get to the final logo (right). The dragon shifted quite a bit from the original concept, to a much more simplistic design. I was able to create a cut-out effect to emulate a dragon slash through the text to give it more complexity. The full logo looks great together, but the dragon symbol can also stand alone and create brand recognition It can be used on business cards, work polos, collateral, and of course trucks.


Turkey Munch

This project actually hits very close to home. Since I can remember, my grandma has been making what we call "Turkey Munch." It has always been a side business she's had, selling it to local gyms  and taking it all over Southern California to deliver it to friends, family, and neighbors.


People absolutely love it, and I can certainly say I'm obsessed with it myself. This last year, when small businesses were still getting hit hard by the pandemic, my family and I wanted to do something nice for her. I decided that it would be awesome if we could get her a new logo for Turkey Munch, something that looked a little more current but as fun and full of energy as my grandma!

I worked with her on creating a new logo, new labels for her meal portions, a flyer for an event she was doing at a local gym, and some brand new business cards to hand out. Not only did she love the pieces I had made for her, but she also took it upon herself to get t-shirts, an apron, and even embroidered masks for the whole family!