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Recently, I started a series of more photorealistic illustrations of places I've visited along the California Coast. Each of these places inspired me by their natural beauty to create something digital, much
like the travel posters, of scenic views, people hang in their homes and businesses.

Playing with Styles, Type, and Overprint

In the free time I have with COVID-19, I have been designing and experimenting with design a lot more. Things like mixing and warping typefaces, playing with the overprint function, sketching, and creating designs for friends and family!


My sticker design collection started fun and sellable stickers were needed at the front desk of University Graphic Systems, the print shop I worked at. Primarily selling to students, all designs are geared toward the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community. We printed the stickers in house for Cal Poly students to put on laptops, water bottles, phone cases, and more.


My absolute favorite is the 'Keep Moving Forward' sticker, inspired by the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons, because of the sheer amount of work I put into every aspect. 


Many of these sketches stemmed from class projects, like our assignment to create a formatted technical paper. They are designed to emulate a sketch using a paper and pen. The varying widths create depth, since there are few colors that make up the whole piece. 


The chameleon project is one of my favorite pieces. My high school graphic design teacher had asked us to create an image only using type, in Adobe Photoshop. I was determined to turn my measly sketch of my favorite animal into a portfolio piece. I remember it taking well over the time allotted, especially with my beginner/intermediate Photoshop skills at the time, but when I finished it was well worth it.


Many of my friends started asking for flyers and for their fraternities or for their birthdays. It was fun to showcase my work and cater to the different themes of each event in their specific design styles, that are different from my own.


Photoshop was the first Adobe application I became familiar with, and I learned a lot about myself and my talent through this program through trial and error. Our very last project in my high school graphic design class was to create an illusion using light bulbs. This project sparked a lot of interest in continuing my career as a designer.

In my time at Cal Poly, I took on the role of a WOW leader going into my second year. My co-leader and I used a Spongebob theme and I created the Krabby Patty and signs using Adobe Illustrator. 

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